“Even when the dialogue is in Korean, Chinese or Japanese (the script calls for these few passages to be delivered in the actors' "native languages"), the lively mimetic work of Mimu Tsujimura, Lily Tung Crystal and Katie Chan - as Koreans 1, 2 and 3 - manages to keep most of the import clear.” - SF Chronicle

Curtain Calls: Year in Theatre— Most Inscrutable Triumvirate: Mimu Tsujimura, Lily Tung Crystal, and Katie Chan - (…) By turns violent, ecstatic, girlish, and demented, the eclectic trio played by Mimu Tsujimura, Lily Tung Crystal, and Katie Chan skewered every tradition-bound Asian stereotype in the book. […] the fiercely energetic characters expertly revealed themselves by not revealing a thing.“ - SF Bay Guardian

“Hostile and talky scenes between an obsessively angst-ridden young Caucasian couple (Alexis Papedo and Josh Schell) are woven throughout, in counterpoint to the often-ritualistic antics of a trio of Korean women (Mimu Tsujimura, Lily Tung Crystal and Katie Chan) in dazzling traditional gowns (costumes by Keiko Carreiro).” - SF Examiner

“Credit director Marissa Wolf, Crowded Fire’s artistic director, for somehow finding pockets of emotion amid the flying performance shrapnel, which includes an extraordinary pantomime among the Asian women – Im, Crystal, Mimu Tsujimura and Katie Chan – about gory, violent suicides (the one involving the newborn baby and the umbilical cord [done by Crystal] is extraordinary) that is set to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You.’” - Theater Dogs

CHINGLISH | Portland Center Stage

“O’Connor’s blend of bluff salesman chutzpah and earnest little-boy-lostness, along with Chilip’s nuanced revelations of Xi Yan’s multiple motivations, form the solid and likable core of Center Stage’s production. Excellent support comes also from Lily Tung Crystal, Rachel Lu, and  Yuekun Wu.” - Oregon ArtsWatch

Magic Theatre

“Carter, Cohen, Nattenberg and Lily Tung Crystal contribute chameleon-like cameos as [director Robert] O'Hara's stagings exert a stronger hold in the second act.” - SF Chronicle

“Adrian Roberts gives a powerhouse performance as husband Shaka. Jeri Lynn Cohen, Lily Tung Crystal and Edward Nattenberg play various roles effectively.” - Talkin’ Broadway

Ragged Wing

“A largely youthful cast performs admirably, led by mature veterans: Lily Tung Crystal as Liang, the cleaner; and Reginald Wilkins as Upper—that’s God to you.” - Theatrius

“A certain predictability in the situation and how it develops (economic, and implicit racial, collision between the poor is assuaged in the end by sentiment and class sympathy) is saved by the believability of the fumbling dialogue between these two souls, one at the bottom of the social heap, the other a hand’s breadth above it, and by the persuasive acting (special mention must go to Lily Tung Crystal, who is entirely convincing as the caretaker), which obscure the tenuous realism of the situation and a too-tidy conclusion.” - Synchronized Chaos

CRANE | Ferocious Lotus

“Lily Tung Crystal, plays both the grieving mother and doctor that looks after Sadako injures she develops after helping Brad with his art, she is always excellent especially as the mother in search of her fly away daughter. Crystal is stunning in both roles.”  - Vmedia

HOMELAND | Magic Theatre

“Rose’s brother Lincoln (Austin Ku), has his own romance with the gently sarcastic Tennessee (Jason Hoover) and faces up to the struggle of coming out to his mother—played with hilarious, often touching grace by Lily Tung […] a show this good is more than likely to be picked up and put onstage for a well-deserved long run.” - KQED

“Kuo has written a lovely musical that has romantic ballads, inspiring anthems and comic songs. […] Lily Tung is outstanding as the Korean mother […] She is marvelous in the comical number “Across America”—a highlight of the musical.” -

“The magnetic mothers of Homeland exceed the challenge of stealing attention away from their attractive young co-stars […] Lily Tung is the dear heart of the show as mother Park […] Tung makes “Mommy” funny and wise, strong and lovable, fully earning the final moral word by the end of the night.” -

When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder | Next Stage

“As his girlfriend Cheryl, Lily Tung’s performance was fine and undesrtated: we were constantly aware of her concern that this new […] boyfriend was too much to handle.” - KPFA Radio

Little Shop of Horrors | Broadway by the Bay

“Leave it to some Bay Area theater veterans—and a few newcomers—to put sparkle and zest into ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ […] Lily Tung Crystal’s small turn comes off very well.” - San Mateo County Times

Cabaret | SF Playhouse

“Director Bill English has put a new spin on Kander and Ebb’s Cabaret […] The Kit Kat Boys and Girls—consisting of Laurie Nellesen, Rana Kangas-Kent, Lily Tung Crystal, Bobby Bryce, and Norman Munoz—are brilliantly bawdy and rambunctious.” -

“[…] the Kit Kat girls, Laurie Nellesen, Rana Kangas-Kent, Lily Tung Crystal are great eye-candy. They dance up a storm under the choreography by Barbara Bernardo.” - ForAllEvents



Ferocious Lotus

“Directed by Lily Tung Crystal, “Two Mile Hollow” has a feral sense of humor. Watching it feels like you have total access to the most deviant corners, the most wayward impulses of an artist’s mind.” - SF Gate

“It’s hard to single out any one member of the cast or crew, because they’re all genuinely exemplary. (…) All of this is done under the skillful guidance of Ferocious Lotus founder Lily Tung Crystal.” - The Thinking Man’s Idiot

“The show is one of four world premieres nationwide, produced by Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company and directed with great flair by Lily Tung Crystal, now running at Potrero Stage in San Francisco through July 15th. (…) The play is made up of so many moments where Tung Crystal’s direction squeezes out every ounce of laughter from the text, an all-out assault on the audience and their funny bones.” - Bay Area Plays

“Winkler creates a handful of stock characters, but her snappy writing, replete with literate dialog and references; supported by sizzling direction from Lily Tung Crystal; and delivered by an ensemble of actors that make the most out of their roles, results in a hilarious outcome.” - For All Events

“Working on Randy Wong-Westrooke's tasteful unit set, with costumes by Kahleen Qiu and lighting designed by Kevin August Landesman, Two Mile Hollow has been directed with a great sense of comic timing by the Founding Artistic Director of Ferocious Lotus, Lily Tung Crystal.” - My Cultural Landscape


“The director, Lily Tung Crystal, has put together a cast of very talented Japanese Americans to tell the story in a way that accurately reflects the hardships, the songs and the culture of the 1940’s camps. ” - For All Events

“Director Lily Tung Crystal’s energetic cast belts out  twenty-five first-rate songs. She includes romantic ballads like “This Is Not Over”; robust anthems like “What Makes a Man” and “Resist”; and swing numbers like “Get in the Game.”” - Theatrius

“Directed by the award winning actor and singer Lily Tung Crystal, she has come full circle with this project after appearing in the early readings of the musical back in 2011. (…) Crystal has assembled an excellent Asian cast of the Bay Area’s best (…) Director Crystal’s seamlessly staged production moves well (…) this is an important powerhouse GO SEE fall musical to add to your list.” - Vmedia


“Director Lily Tung Crystal keeps the pace flowing, the laughs coming, and the twists and turns of the script highlighted by just the right mixture of comedic chaos and heart-touching singular moments.” - Talkin’ Broadway

“Lily Tung Crystal’s direction is astute and Kuo-Hao Lo’s handsome, rotating scenic design, lit by Nick Kumamoto, helps maintain a crisp pace of action by minimizing shift time.” - Paul Myrvold’s Theatre Notes

“Lily Tung Crystal is making her directorial debut with this production, but she has appeared in the play elsewhere and lived in China for nearly a decade. Thus she directs with a sure hand and with respect for cultural aspects of the play. She also is fortunate to have a skilled cast in which all of the actors except Mahle as Daniel speak Mandarin.” - Aisle Say