I’m a Hudson Institute-certified coach who specializes in leadership and transition coaching.

What is Coaching?

A coach usually works with you in an area of your life that you’d like to improve. Sometimes it involves change, like switching careers, landing a job, or starting or building a business. Sometimes it’s improving what you already have in your life — balancing your career with your personal life, or achieving greater success and happiness in your current work. Sessions can also address your evolution as a leader—improving communication skills, building leadership presence, or evolving one’s management style. The main areas of coaching I focus on are: 

Leadership: As a leadership coach, I work with managers and executives, helping them become more effective, more inspirational leaders.

Transition: I help people through transitions, whether they be career or life transitions.

Communication: I have nearly 15 years of experience training corporate executives and their staffs on media, presentation and facilitation skills.

My Philosophy

In all my coaching, I help my clients define and reach their aspirational goals, both at home and at work. I also use a whole person approach that focuses on my clients’ intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I’m a transformational coach who uses a lead-from-behind approach that supports long-lasting change; I know that you as the client have all the resources you need to transcend obstacles to manifest your ideal scene.

My Training

I’m a recent graduate of the Hudson Institute, one of the early leaders in the field of coaching. While there, I gained insight into the theories and concepts that are revolutionizing the field of coaching. Hudson is continually innovating in order to bring the very best practices to the world.

My Life Experience

With my “portfolio career,” I have a unique background that I bring to coaching. I have navigated diverse careers, as both a corporate staff member and a creative freelancer, that have spanned a variety of industries—the arts, media, nonprofit, healthcare and technology. I’m a parent. I know how to navigate, and help my clients navigate, today’s cyclical and sometimes unpredictable reality, and understand the new competencies that are required of all of us in this changing world.  

As a director of a non-profit organization and the editor of the leadership coaching blog Leading Others Well, I bring a decade of experience to my work with executives. I also have international experience, particularly in Asia, and I speak Mandarin Chinese.  

Our Time Together

In terms of logistics, I work with people in-person, via phone or video chat. Usually I meet with clients for 5 to 10 one-hour sessions, either weekly or bi-weekly. And I’d be happy to create a structure that fits your needs and schedule.

I’d love to get to know you better and look forward to working with you.

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